The Fabro Haas

The history of Fabro Haas is closely linked to the life trajectory of Gabriel Gustavo Fabro Hass and Luiz Fernando Fabro Hass. These two entrepreneurial brothers from the West of Santa Catarina, lived dreams, overcame challenges, their dedication and work, resulted in success. Specialized in the engineering area, with experience in large companies, they returned to Santa Catarina in 2014 and chose Balneário Piçarras and Barra Velha to make their dream come true, to set up a company that integrates engineering services and a developer with construction of buildings in coastal cities. with potential for real estate valuation and quality of life.
Today the headquarters located at Av. Itajuba - Barra Velha / SC has ample space, meeting and training rooms. It is an innovative company that offers solutions in multidisciplinary integrated BIM projects, it also has prestressing solutions, surveying and drilling services for all types of works, in addition to extensive experience in civil construction, today the company is a pioneer in these segments on the north coast of Santa Catarina.

Fabro Hass develops civil and multidisciplinary projects for works: residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and infrastructure. Works in the feasibility study for prestressed concrete works, project design and execution of prestressed concrete structures. All the guidelines, processes and standards of this company are designed to deliver a final product of the highest quality to our customers following the most modern trends in the world market.
With the mission of solving, the development of projects and the execution of their projects are rigorous, associating modernity with innovation and meeting technical standards and legislation.
We value ethics, exclusivity, personalized and perfect work. The future, therefore, lies in innovation, continuous process improvement, strength and commitment and satisfaction with customers, employees, the community and the economy of the regions in which we operate.


The Distribution Center of Fabro Haas Construtora, is located at BR-101 km 83, where it performs cutting, wrapping and wire rope identification services with differentiated logistics to serve the entire southern region. We carry out the qualification / training and development of the execution workforce: the entire team is trained in the procedures as soon as they start the services and is accompanied by the Engineers in order to maintain the standard required by Fabro Haas. We prioritize quality in services with differentiated service, always looking for the best techniques and technologies combined with sustainability, aiming to reduce costs, proving in practice this evolution.

Fabro Haas Engenharia's vision is to implement a high standard in all construction processes. Today, it has procedures that align the complete execution of the project (foundation, structure, systems and finishes). With inspections and inspections of the services performed on the works: from the beginning of the work until the delivery of the project, inspections are carried out in the works execution services, thus assuming a preventive and guarantee posture to the Fabro Haas standard. The customer counts on the personalization service (alteration) of the apartment, with the possibility of personalizing his unit, allowing greater adaptation to his specific needs which results in the quality standard, from its conception, construction, until the delivery of the enterprise.


Barra Velha - SC - Brazil

Av. Itajuba, n° 2779 - Itajuba

+55 47 3456 0997


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