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Fabro Haas Engenharia, within its strategic vision, has prioritized the elaboration of multidisciplinary projects in an integrated way in order to eliminate obstacles that arise in the project execution phase, using BIM tools.

BIM is a progressive process that allows modeling, storage, exchange, consolidation and easy access to the various groups of information about a building or facility that you want to build, use and maintain. A single information platform that can serve the entire life cycle of a constructed object.

By definition, BIM is applicable to the entire life cycle of an enterprise, from the conception and conceptualization of a building or installation idea, to the development of the project and construction; even after the work is ready, delivered and occupied.

This work process technology that implies:

• Development of better quality documentation;
• New form for Virtual representation;
• Allows better visualization of the model by architects and engineers;
• Development of better design alternatives;
• Solve problems with the contractor before arriving at the construction site;
• Better visualization and detection of conflicts;
• Easier compatibility with complementary projects;
• Facilitates the compression and visualization of all stages of the work;



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